Disaster Recovery

Plowden and Smith have extensive world-wide experience of disaster mitigation and recovery. The wide range of skills that Plowden and Smith embraces gives us the ability to deal with the effects of common disasters, including fire, flood and accidents.

Plowden and Smith  offer advice to private collectors, museums and corporate collections and assist in formulating a disaster response plan. In the event of a disaster, by having a plan in provision, the risk of  loss is minimised. General areas covered in planning to mitigate disasters include:

  • Prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Reaction
  • Recovery
  • Salvage

Flood damage to a walnut veneered dining table

Plowden and Smith can help prevent disasters or minimise damage by undertaking surveys of the collection to identify areas of risk and advise on alterations or improvement to rooms, facilities or storage systems.

We can help staff prepare disaster kits and develop grab lists to minimise damage to types of objects and materials in the event of a disaster. We also offer training sessions with key staff to outline:

  • The properties of materials that artworks are made from and the likely causes of damage if subjected to a flood, high humidity, high temperatures etc.
  • Handling sessions with staff that are responsible for a collection to ensure everyone has a good idea of the range of materials and objects in the collection
  • Role play and mock disasters

After repairs to the flood damaged table top

Due to our wide range of specialist skills Plowden and Smith can assist in the salvage of whole collections including a variety of materials and objects to advise on specialist equipment hire/use, advise on salvage techniques and materials and undertake post disaster emergency conservation and stabilisation treatments.

Clients who have used Plowden and Smith following a disaster include Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace and the National Museum of Beirut.