Preventive Conservation

Artificial aging of paint samples chosen for exhibition

Prevention is always better than the cure and Plowden and Smith actively encourages preventive conservation by offering:

  • Condition assessment and surveys of objects and collections to determine the overall suitability of storage/display facilities. Reports can be generated to inclue recommendations for storage/display furniture, conservation treatments, housekeeping, environmental control, integrated pest management
  • Inventorying collections using databases or spreadsheets with photographic records
  • Accelerated aging tests for construction and display materials, in order to assess their long-term stability and suitability for conservation and exhibition use
  • Environmental data collection and interpretation for objects in transit, temporary exhibitions, collections or storage facilities (including, temperature, relative humidity, pollution and particulates)
  • Design and production of microclimate controlled display cases, transit cases and storage facilities
  • Air exchange monitoring for showcase testing and commissioning