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A Very Heavy ChainA Very Heavy Chain
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  • The Merchandise Wall
  • Titanic Memorabilia
  • Merchandise Pods
  • Titanic Teddies
  • Maritime History
  • A Very Heavy Chain
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  • Object Mounting
  • The Boat Showcase

In January 2012, our exhibitions department began work in Southampton on the Sea City Museum.

This new museum is integrated into Southampton’s Cultural Quarter and displays two permanent galleries and one temporary exhibitions space. As well as showcasing the city’s historical links to the sea, through interactive exhibits and personal testament, a special exhibition commemorates the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic.

The exhibitions team were involved early in the project and were able to work efficiently alongside the museum’s conservators who were treating the objects before mounting.

Plowden & Smith mounted and installed over 700 objects over the three galleries. The most challenging gallery was the temporary exhibition, Titanic the Legend. Here, Titanic merchandise was mounted into wall hung pods. Our team mounted Titanic teddies, mouse mats, board games and more! We had no idea how much Titanic merchandise existed. The team also mounted over a hundred model boats onto large sheets of acrylic suspended behind a large ship model. This has produced a visually appealing display in a small gallery space.

The project ran for two months on-site and the Museum opened on Tuesday 10th April 2012 to commemorate 100 years since the Titanic set sail.

For more information, please visit the Sea City website.

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